Mobile manipulator RB-1

Mobile manipulator RB-1

Mobile manipulator RB-1

RB-1 is a mobile manipulator extensible and modular designed for research and application customization.


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Modular mobile manipulator


The robot has been designed using a single type of the korean manufacturer ROBOTIS actuators and corresponding with the product range Dynamixel PRO. The design is modular and scalable. The Dynamixel PRO servo-actuators integrate controller and servo-amplifier inside the actuator housing, simplifying its interconnection to 2 supply wires and 2 additional wires for a communication bus. This kind of actuators has been successfully used in robots as Thor-op, one of the humanoids that took part in the last DARPA Grand Challenge.

The arm

Anthropomorphic configuration of 7 DOF plus 1 DOF to elevate the torso and one parallel gripper. The arm payload with a reach of 700 mm is of 2Kg (about 4Kg in the half range). The arm can be controlled joint by joint or in cartesian coordinates, either from the control PC or from the PS3 joystick for teaching and testing functions. Differential mobile robot platform The traction mounts 2x200W servomotors and holds on 2 additional castors. The system with 4 contact points is hyperstatic, so 2 additional suspensions are mounted to adapt to the floor unevenness.

The platform counts with a Hokuyo URG-04LX-UG01, a 2D laser range finder for navigation, localization and gyro board. The platform motion can be done either manually or automatic.

Pan-tilt unit

The robot mounts a 2 DOF pan-tilt unit for the environment perception by means of a ASUS Xtion PRO Live RGBD Sensor. The RGBD sensor has different applications in this robot: it can be used to recognize objects in the environment, but also for navigation and localization purposes, either by the use of landmarks or by the use of new RGBDSlam algorithms.


  • R&D
  • AAL (Ambient Assisted Living)
  • Indoor mobile manipulation
  • Remote handling


  • Height (min/max): 1.020/1.391 mm
  • Base diameter: 500 mm
  • Weight: 60 Kg
  • Load capacity: 1,5 Kg (at full extension)
  • Elevation axis range: 360 mm
  • Controler: open architecture ROS


  • Arm of 6 DOF or 7 DOF
  • Different options of lasers:
  • Hokuyo laser (URG04, UST10LX, UST20LX)