Humanoid OP2 DARwin

Humanoid OP2 DARwin

Humanoid OP2 DARwin

It is a dynamic anthropomorphic robot platform with advanced computational power, sophisticated sensors, high payload capacity, and dynamic motion ability to enable many exciting research and education activities


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The versatile humanoid

High performance and easy maintenance, it is the one of the most capable humanoid in the market for computer vision and human-robot interaction. This is a 45-cm tall humanoid platform used as the official platform for ICRA humanoids application challenge and perfectly prepared for competitions. It has one of the most efficient and versatile modular configuration. As an Open-source humanoid platform it is simple to elaborate environments to maximize the experience. It is installable OS in any LINUX and windows release with Intel Atom Processor N2600 (dual-core, 1.6 GHz) and 4GB RAM (DDR3 204-pin SO-DIMM module).


  • Height: 45 cm
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Battery capacity: 30 min. of operations
  • Head: 2 DOF in each arm
  • Arm
  • Basic Arm: 3 DOF in each arm
  • Gripper Arm: 4 DOF in each arm
  • Yaw joint appended Gripper Arm: 5 DOF in each arm
  • Leg: 6 DOF in each leg
  • Vision: Eye led, 2 MP camera with mic
  • Microphone: x2 (left, right)
  • Connection: Wi-fi 802.11 (2.4 GHz-Only) & Ethernet connection
  • Mini HDMI port connector


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