Mobile manipulator RB-EKEN

Mobile manipulator RB-EKEN

Mobile manipulator RB-EKEN

RB-EKEN is a powerful mobile manipulator (4.800Wh of nominal power) designed to work in indoor and outdoor environments and adverse ambients. It has 4 versions: RB-EKEN 5 (mounts an UR5 arm with 5 kg of load capacity), RB-EKEN 10 (mounts an UR10 arm with 10 kg of load capacity) and RB-EKEN 16 kg (arm with 16 kg of load capacity).


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Model Nº RB-EKEN
Ambient temperature / humidity 0° to +40°C
Size 1.204 x 730 x 991 mm
Weight 270 kg
Speed 2 m/s
Load capacity 300 Kg
Traction motors 4 x 1,2 Kw
Baterías 60Ah@48V
Environment Indoors/Outdoors
PC Open architecture ROS Embedded PC with Linux
Communication Wifi 802.11n
Connectivity On demand

The mobile manipulator has a load capacity of 300 kg. In addition, it stands out for its modularity: it can use both rubber wheels and mecanum (the latter are recommended for indoor applications), it can drag loads (or a cart or trailer) and it can integrate various sensors: cameras (daytime or night-time ), GPS system, and lasers , among others.

The autonomy available is another of its main characteristics (2.880Wh of energy on board).

RB-EKEN is based on an omnidirectional platform that uses 4 high-power motorized wheels.



  • Pick&Place
  • Loading / Unloading
  • Positioning of workpieces
  • Assembly
  • Screwing
  • Drilling / Milling
  • Inspection
Size RB-EKEN 5 (mecanum wheels)

Size RB-EKEN 5 (rubber wheels)