Seekur is a holonomic, all-weather, outdoor robot platform for outdoor security, inspection and research. Seekur's unique shape and omnidirectional steering allow truly holonomic movement. This means that it can turn in its own length or even move sideways if blocked from front and behind.

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The Seekur robot and all optional equipment has an extended operating temperature rating of at least -20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F). A Seekur can be made fully autonomous. Equipped with optional onboard vision processing, wireless communications, dexterous manipulators, GPS or laser rangefinders it can handle nearly any outdoor task.

The robot base with onboard PCs can drive controlled by keys, wireless or tethered joystick or software whole-platform velocity control; communicate robot state & control information including (x,y,theta) position estimate, user I/O, and battery charge data; run programs created with ARIA or other software development environment; simulate offline with the simulator that accompanies each development environment, and more.

With the Laser Mapping and Navigation package, the robot can map warehouses, hangars, lab spaces, and any other indoor space in minutes; Accurately localize within the mapped indoor known space; autonomously navigate by planning and following dynamic paths to goals; and avoid obstacles along the way. With the Outdoor Navigation package, the robot can also navigate both indoors or outdoors; map indoors and out; Accurately localize within either a mapped indoor known space or outdoors using DGPS data; autonomously plan dynamic paths to goals, avoiding obstacles on the way. This holonomic drive, programmable robot can be used in unlimited applications. Whether you’re researching advanced, outdoor inspection and surveillance or basic robot navigation the Seekur will fit your needs.

The Seekur base package includes:

  • Seekur base
  • Rugged steel suspension
  • Weight saving aluminum unibody construction
  • 4 wheel omni-directional steering
  • 4 wheel drive
  • LCD user interface with diagnostic screens and backlight
  • High power DC-DC conversion for accessories
  • Low-level SeekurOS and configuration tool
  • Pioneer SDK software
  • Durable 24V nickel-cadmium battery pack
  • Charger
  • Operations manual
  • Bumpers (automatically halt platform motion)
  • Emergency shutdown buttons (4)
  • Additional accessories and options are available in addition to these standard features.

Technical Specifications

  • DIMENSIONS: 1.4x1.3x1.1m (LxWxH) (55x51x43 in.)
  • WEIGHT: 300kg
  • TIRES: 400mm
  • WHEELBASE: 900mm, TRACK 800mm
  • BODY: Lightweight aluminum all-weather unibody
  • TEMPERATURE RATING: -20°C-+50°C (-4°F-+122°C) operation
  • ENERGY STORAGE: nickel cadmium
  • RUN TIME: 3-8 hrs
  • STEERING & SUSPENSION: 4 wheel omnidirectional steering and steel suspension with 50mm travel
  • MAXIMUM SPEED: 1.8m/s (4mph)
  • TERRAIN: Pavement, grass, snow, and dirt terrain
  • SLOPE: 20% grade
  • TYPES: guarded tele-operation, manual remote or manual direct drive, plus indoor autonomous operation option
  • Robot Control System for easy control and robot state estimates
  • Up to 5 optional programmable PCs with solid state storage
  • Expandable user digital and analog I/O on external high speed CANbus
  • LCD with backlight with diagnostic screens
  • 5/12/24VDC regulated and switched (software-controlled) export power

Additional Options

  • Laser Autonomous Navigation package with one or more laser range-finder sensors
  • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
  • One or more MobileRanger C3D outdoor stereovision systems
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom Color camera
  • Outdoor Autonomous Navigation package with Differential GPS
  • Up to 5 dual-core extended-temperature computers with ethernet network switch
  • External power or I/O ports
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi WRAP (router configurable as either Wifi client or access point for laptops)
  • 900MHz radio ethernet bridge
  • Includes Pioneer SDK
    • ARIA API software library, open source under GPL
    • Mapper3 indoor mapping software
    • MobileEyes remote GUI for control and visualization
    • MobileSim open source simulator
  • Additional Software Options
    • ARNL software library (with Laser Mapping & Navigation package)
    • MOGS software library (with GPS Outdoor Navigation package)
  • Warranty: 1 year included; 3 year optional

Common Accessories

  • Onboard Computer
  • Wireless Ethernet Communications
  • Gyroscopic Correction
  • Color Pan/Tilt/Zoom Video Camera
  • Laser Sensor and Navigation Package
  • Color Stereo Camera
  • Speech/Audio Package
  • Pan/Tilt Units
  • Plus More!

Seekur/Seekur Jr. Accessories

  • Outdoor GPS Navigation Package
  • Wireless Joystick
  • Manipulator Arm
  • Inertial Measurement System
  • 900 MHz Radio Ethernet Bridge