The PowerBot is a high-payload differential-drive robot for research and rapid prototyping. Featuring the same intelligence and maneuverability of our smaller platforms, PowerBot moves up to 1.6 m/s with a payload of up to 100 kg. It is an ideal platform for laboratory robotics and research tasks involving delivery, navigation, and manipulation.

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The base PowerBot platform arrives fully assembled and ready for years of classroom and laboratory use. The steel frame and aluminum body support a wide range of accessories, including a 6-DOF arm, and the 2160 watt-hr batteries provide 4.5 hours of continuous runtime, including a full-size embedded computer. An optional docking station provides continuous operation.

The PowerBot base platform with included Pioneer SDK has the ability to:

  • BE DRIVEN with keys or joystick
  • PLAN PATHS with gradient navigation
  • DISPLAY a map of its sonar and/or laser readings
  • LOCALIZE using sonar (with optional laser upgrade)
  • COMMUNICATE SENSOR & CONTROL information relating sonar, motor encoder, motor controls, user I/O, and battery charge data
  • SIMULATE BEHAVIORS OFFLINE with the simulator that accompanies each development environment
With optional Laser Mapping & Navigation System and MobileEyes, your lab robot can map buildings and constantly update its position within a few cm while traveling within mapped areas. With the appropriate optional equipment and accessories, you can view the robot’s view remotely, speak, play and hear audio and send the robot on patrol.

The PowerBot is an all-purpose mobile base, used for research and applications involving:

  • mapping
  • teleoperation
  • localization
  • monitoring and reconnaissance
  • vision
  • manipulation
  • cooperation

Common Accessories

  • Onboard Computer
  • Wireless Ethernet Communications: For onboard computer or offboard remote control
  • Gyroscopic Correction: Recommended for greater positioning and rotation accuracy
  • Color Pan/Tilt/Zoom Video Camera: With integrated Pan/Tilt/Zoom control and autofocus, and image acquisition interface (framegrabber) for onboard computer.
  • Laser Sensor and Navigation Package: Includes laser rangefinder and ARNL software development libraries for advanced autonomous localization and navigation...
  • Color Stereo Camera: With optional pan/tilt mount
  • Speech/Audio Package
  • Pan/Tilt Units: Accurate and fast software-controlled pan/tilt unit, for use with cameras or other sensors.
  • Plus More!

PowerBot Accessories

  • PowerBot Arm: A powerful, modular manipulator with gripper.
  • Bumper Switches: Segmented bumper switches near the floor can automatically stop the robot upon collision. Your software can use the bumper signal to trigger additional behavior as well. Bumpers are available on the front and/or back of the robot.