Pioneer 3-AT

Pioneer 3-AT

Pioneer 3-AT


The PIONEER 3-AT is a highly versatile four wheel drive robotic platform, software-compatible with all MobileRobots robots. Powerful, yet easy to use reliable, yet flexible, P3-AT is a popular team performer for outdoor or rough-terrain projects.

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P3-AT offers an embedded computer option, opening the way for onboard vision processing, Ethernet-based communications, laser, DGPS, and other autonomous functions.

The P3-AT carries up to 3 hot swappable batteries. Optional 8 forward and 8 rear sonar sense obstacles from 15 cm to 7 m. P3-AT's powerful motors and four knobby wheels can reach speeds of .8 meters per second and carry a payload of up to 12 kg. The P3-AT uses 100 tick encoders with inertial correction recommended for dead reckoning to compensate for skid steering. Its sensing extends far beyond the ordinary with laser-based navigation options, integrated inertial correction to compensate for slippage, GPS, bumpers, gripper, vision, stereo rangefinders, compass and a rapidly growing suite of other options.

The robot base with included Pioneer SDK plus optional onboard PC can drive controlled by keys, wireless or tethered joystick or software whole-platform velocity control; communicate robot state & control information including (x,y,theta) position estimate, user I/O, and battery charge data; run programs created with ARIA or other software development environment; simulate offline with the simulator that accompanies each development environment, and more.

With the Laser Mapping and Navigation package, the robot can map warehouses, hangars, lab spaces, and any other indoor space in minutes; Accurately localize within the mapped indoor known space; autonomously navigate by planning and following dynamic paths to goals; and avoid obstacles along the way. With onboard PC and Outdoor Navigation, the robot can also navigate both indoors or outdoors; map indoors and out; Accurately localize within either a mapped indoor known space or outdoors using DGPS data; autonomously plan dynamic paths to goals, avoiding obstacles on the way.

The Pioneer 3-AT is an all-purpose outdoor base, used for research and prototyping applications involving:

  • navigation
  • monitoring
  • reconnaissance
  • vision
  • manipulation
  • cooperation
  • and other behaviors
P3-AT's are made for use outdoors in the dry; they run on many earth, stone or paved surfaces. Unencumbered, they can climb steep 45% grades. To operate on carpet, select Indoor wheels, which may be swapped as needed. P3-AT's are not water-proof.

Pioneer 3-AT's provide a ready-to-use all-terrain base with:

  • body with hinged battery access door
  • 1 battery
  • 4 wheels
  • 4 motors with encoders
  • microcontroller
  • motor power board
  • ARCOS microcontroller server software
  • user I/O bus integrated into hardware and ARIA software
  • ARIA Robotics API for developers
  • operations manual

Common Accessories

  • Onboard Computer
  • Wireless Ethernet Communications: For onboard computer or offboard remote control
  • Gyroscopic Correction: Recommended for greater positioning and rotation accuracy
  • Color Pan/Tilt/Zoom Video Camera: With integrated Pan/Tilt/Zoom control and autofocus, and image acquisition interface (framegrabber) for onboard computer.
  • Laser Sensor and Navigation Package: Includes laser rangefinder and ARNL software development libraries for advanced autonomous localization and navigation...
  • Color Stereo Camera: With optional pan/tilt mount
  • Speech/Audio Package
  • Pan/Tilt Units: Accurate and fast software-controlled pan/tilt unit, for use with cameras or other sensors.
  • Plus More!

Pioneer Accessories

  • Manipulator Arms
  • Gripper
  • Bumper Switches: Segmented bumper switches near the floor can automatically stop the robot upon collision. Your software can use the bumper signal to trigger additional behavior as well. Bumpers are available on the front and/or back of the robot.
  • USB Laptop Connector: USB connector for user-supplied laptop.
  • Sensor Mounting Bracket: A simple bracket for mounting sensors or other items 30 cm (12 in) above the robot. May be used with or without laser mounted.