Pioneer P3-DX

Pioneer P3-DX

Pioneer P3-DX


The Pioneer is the world's most popular research mobile robot. The Pioneer’s versatility, reliability and durability have made it the reference platform for robotics research. Unlike hobby and kit robots, the Pioneer includes a dedicated motion controller with encoder feedback, is fully programmable, and will last through years of tough classroom and laboratory use.

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Pioneer 3 DX is a compact differential-drive mobile robot. It arrives fully assembled with embedded controller, motors with 500-tick encoders, 19cm wheels, tough aluminum body, 8 forward-facing ultrasonic (sonar) sensors, 8 optional rear-facing sonar, 1, 2 or 3 hot-swappable batteries, and our complete software development kit. Add an optional internal computer or your own laptop and the robot is ready to go.

Additional sensors, manipulators and other accessories are available to customize your Pioneer for your specific tasks. We offer a wide variety of proprietary as well as 3rd party accessories fully integrated with your mobile base. Stereo and PTZ cameras for your vision robot applications and manipulators for your mobile manipulation needs are amongst our most popular options. VersatileMobileRobots Pioneer DX robot interacts with university students

The base Pioneer 3 DX platform can reach speeds of 1.6 meters per second and carry a payload of up to 17 kg. The robot is powered by three hot-swappable 9Ah sealed batteries.

The robot's embedded motion controller automatically performs velocity control of the robot and provides robot state & control information including a position estimate of the robot in space (x, y, theta), battery charge data, and sonar range sensing data. Your higher level control programs created with the Pioneer SDK can run on an onboard computer, or offline with the free simulator.

With the Laser Mapping and Navigation package, the robot can map warehouses, hangars, lab spaces, and any other indoor space in minutes; Accurately localize within the mapped indoor known space; autonomously navigate by planning and following dynamic paths to goals; and avoid obstacles along the way. The mobile platform is both your mapping robot as well as what you will use for autonomous indoor robot navigation.

The Pioneer 3 DX is an all-purpose base, used for research and applications involving:

  • mapping
  • teleoperation
  • localization
  • monitoring
  • reconnaissance
  • vision
  • manipulation
  • autonomous navigation
  • multi-robot cooperation and other behaviors
  • general robotics
Pioneer 3 DX runs best on hard surfaces. It can traverse low sills and household power cords and climb most wheelchair ramps.

Common Accessories

  • Onboard Computer
  • Wireless Ethernet Communications: For onboard computer or offboard remote control
  • Gyroscopic Correction: Recommended for greater positioning and rotation accuracy
  • Color Pan/Tilt/Zoom Video Camera: With integrated Pan/Tilt/Zoom control and autofocus, and image acquisition interface (framegrabber) for onboard computer.
  • Laser Sensor and Navigation Package: Includes laser rangefinder and ARNL software development libraries for advanced autonomous localization and navigation...
  • Color Stereo Camera: With optional pan/tilt mount
  • Speech/Audio Package
  • Pan/Tilt Units: Accurate and fast software-controlled pan/tilt unit, for use with cameras or other sensors.
  • Plus More!

Pioneer Accessories

  • Manipulator Arms
  • Gripper
  • Bumper Switches: Segmented bumper switches near the floor can automatically stop the robot upon collision. Your software can use the bumper signal to trigger additional behavior as well. Bumpers are available on the front and/or back of the robot.
  • USB Laptop Connector: USB connector for user-supplied laptop.
  • Sensor Mounting Bracket: A simple bracket for mounting sensors or other items 30 cm (12 in) above the robot. May be used with or without laser mounted.