PeopleBot is a differential-drive robot for service and human-robot interaction (HRI) projects. PeopleBot is built on the robust P3-DX base, with a chest-level extension to facilitate interaction with people.

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PeopleBot is a differential-drive robot for service and human-robot interaction (HRI) projects. PeopleBot is built on the robust P3-DX base, with a chest-level extension to facilitate interaction with people.

PeopleBot pan/tilt camera and gripperPeopleBot is a cooperative style mobile platform that offers an optional touchscreen (pictured) connected to an onboard computer, for human interaction. PeopleBot has infrared table sensors to detect when it approaches a table and an optional 2 DOF gripper with sensors to detect and pick up a cup or other tabletop object. PeopleBot features the same architecture as other MobileRobots platforms, featuring the Pioneer SDK. With an onboard computer and the laser navigation package with ARNL software and laser rangefinder sensor, PeopleBot can navigate autonomously and avoid obstacles with precision.

PeopleBots without a laser can navigate autonomously and avoid obstacles less reliably, using built-in sonar. However, the inclusion of a laser rangefinder greatly enhances obstacle and human tracking capabilities. The PeopleBot is also ideal for applications requiring a robot with camera, like those dealing with robot vision.

With an onboard computer and pan/tilt/zoom camera, a PeopleBot can be used for object and person recognition and tracking, mapping, localization, or other robot vision tasks. The camera may be installed on top of or underneath the top deck. When placed underneath, the camera can view the gripper, tabletop or floor. With the audio and speech package, PeopleBot speak using speech synthesis (TTS) software, and play and record other sounds using its speakers and microphones. A multi-DOF manipulator arm may be added in place of the touchscreen. Stereo cameras may be added in place of the touchscreen or PTZ camera.

The PeopleBot base platform with included software has the ability to:

  • Be manually with keys or joystick attached to the robot or remotely over wifi
  • Display camera images, and a map of its sonar readings (or laser readings, with optional laser upgrade), position and other data remotely over wifi
  • Navigate using sonar (with approximate positioning)
  • Run C, C++, or other programs (on optional onboard computer)
  • Test programs quickly offline in simulation with the MobileSim simulator that accompanies each development environment
  • Provides access to 12V and 5V DC power and general purpose IO for user equipment

With Laser Mapping and Navigation, PeopleBot can:

  • Navigate autonomously and accurately using the laser rangefinder
  • Be used to create a map of its environment

The PeopleBot is an all-purpose base, used for research and applications involving:

  • human-robot interaction research
  • natural environment interaction and manipulation research
  • telepresence applications
  • autonomous object search and retrieval
  • robot vision research
  • performances
  • education
  • cooperative tasks
PeopleBot runs best on hard, flat surfaces. It can traverse low sills and household power cords and climb most wheelchair ramps.

Common Accessories

  • Onboard Computer
  • Wireless Ethernet Communications: For onboard computer or offboard remote control
  • Gyroscopic Correction: Recommended for greater positioning and rotation accuracy
  • Color Pan/Tilt/Zoom Video Camera: With integrated Pan/Tilt/Zoom control and autofocus, and image acquisition interface (framegrabber) for onboard computer.
  • Laser Sensor and Navigation Package: Includes laser rangefinder and ARNL software development libraries for advanced autonomous localization and navigation...
  • Color Stereo Camera: With optional pan/tilt mount
  • Speech/Audio Package
  • Pan/Tilt Units: Accurate and fast software-controlled pan/tilt unit, for use with cameras or other sensors.
  • Plus More!

Pioneer Accessories

  • Manipulator Arms
  • Gripper
  • Bumper Switches: Segmented bumper switches near the floor can automatically stop the robot upon collision. Your software can use the bumper signal to trigger additional behavior as well. Bumpers are available on the front and/or back of the robot.
  • USB Laptop Connector: USB connector for user-supplied laptop.
  • Sensor Mounting Bracket: A simple bracket for mounting sensors or other items 30 cm (12 in) above the robot. May be used with or without laser mounted.