Robotic arm BARRETT WAM

Robotic arm BARRETT WAM

Robotic arm BARRETT WAM

The WAM Arm is a highly dexterous, naturally backdrivable manipulator. The only arm sold in the world with direct-drive capability supported by Transparent DynamicsTM between the motors and joints, its control of contact forces is robust without the use independent of mechanical force or torque sensors.

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It is built to outperform conventional robots with unmatched human-like grace and dexterity. The WAM Arm is available in two main configurations, 4-degree-of-freedom and 7-degree-of-freedom, both with human-like kinematics. The joint ranges exceed those for conventional robotic arms. Internally protected channels allow the user to pass electric lines and fiber optics required for custom end-effectors and sensors.

    Versatility and high performance have always played significant roles throughout the development of the WAM arm. Barrett’s newest WAM now leverages exciting breakthrough technology in precision motor control – the Puck.  An entire control cabinet now fits in the palm of your hand.  The patented ultra-miniature Puck is a self-contained, high-performance brushless servo-amplifier with integral power supplies.

    Matching advanced electronics with inherently backdrivable cable drives results in superbly graceful motions. Barrett owns the technology for the highest performance servo-electronics available in the World today. These electronics are also the smallest (43 grams) and most power-efficient servo-drive electronics available today. In fact, an entire human-size 4-dof WAMTM arm draws only 28 watts- not enough to power a light bulb -further enhancing inherent safety.


  • Payload Capacity: 4 Kg
  • Total Mass: 25 Kg
  • Power: 30W


    • WAM Arm 4 Degrees Of Freedom
    • WAM Arm 7 Degrees Of Freedom
    • Barrett Hand