Seekur Jr Outdoor Manipulator

Seekur Jr Outdoor Manipulator

Seekur Jr Outdoor Manipulator


The Seekur Jr. Mobile Manipulator package is offered with a choice of two different manipulator options. The “Seekur Jr. Premium Package with Outdoor Arm” includes an arm that has an IP rating of 65 and can be used in precipitation and inclement weather.

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The “Seekur Jr. Premium Package with Indoor Arm” includes an arm that has an IP rating of 40, is dust tight, and can be used outdoors but is not recommended for use in precipitation. Both packages include a gripper with an IP rating of 40 that can be used in outdoor, dusty environments but should not be exposed to precipitation. An optional force / torque module can be purchased as well and will work on either of the two available arms. The force / torque module has an IP rating of 40 as well.

Features and specifications for the manipulators are below. For features and specifications of the Seekur Jr. mobile robot base please visit the Seekur Jr. page.

Manipulator features:

  • 6 degrees of freedom (plus gripper)
  • High process stability
  • Does not require a control cabinet
  • Low energy consumption at 24 Volt DC
  • Quick change system for quick and easy tools assembly
  • Internal cabling
  • Lightweight and compact form factor

The Seekur Jr. mobile platform includes one or two onboard computers, optional autonomous navigation, sensing, easy integration of additional devices, extensive software development support, and more. See Seekur Jr. for details.

Manipulator Specifications:

  • Reach (mm): 800 from center of base to wrist (Both arm options)
  • Payload (kg): 15 (Outdoor arm) and 6 (Indoor arm)
  • Weight (kg): 18 (Outdoor arm), 15 (Indoor arm), and 1.2 (Gripper)
  • Max Joint Speed (deg. / sec.): 40 (Outdoor arm) and 72 (Indoor arm)
  • Repeat Accuracy (mm): +/- 0.15
  • Position Feedback: Pseudo-absolute position measuring
  • IP Rating: 65 (Outdoor arm) and 40 (Indoor arm, gripper, optional force / torque module)

Common Accessories

  • Onboard Computer
  • Wireless Ethernet Communications: For onboard computer or offboard remote control
  • Gyroscopic Correction: Recommended for greater positioning and rotation accuracy
  • Color Pan/Tilt/Zoom Video Camera: With integrated Pan/Tilt/Zoom control and autofocus, and image acquisition interface (framegrabber) for onboard computer.
  • Laser Sensor and Navigation Package: Includes laser rangefinder and ARNL software development libraries for advanced autonomous localization and navigation...
  • Color Stereo Camera: With optional pan/tilt mount
  • Speech/Audio Package
  • Pan/Tilt Units: Accurate and fast software-controlled pan/tilt unit, for use with cameras or other sensors.
  • Plus More!

Seekur/Seekur Jr. Accessories

  • Outdoor GPS Navigation Package: Includes high accuracy DGPS receiver and MOGS development software for autonomous navigation outdoors.
  • Wireless Joystick: Optional wireless joystick for Seekur or Seekur Jr.
  • Manipulator Arm: High payload, outdoor rated manipulator arm.
  • Inertial Measurement System: IMU for additional positioning accuracy (replaces standard gyro).
  • 900 MHz Radio Ethernet Bridge: Connects Seekur's onboard computers to a network over a long range 900 MHz radio link.