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FOXTECH GAIA 160-Hybrid hexacopter is a long flight time hexacopter equipped with gasoline-electric hybrid power system. GAIA 160-Hybrid is made of carbon fiber material so it is very sturdy. The arms are plugable, which saves more space and makes this drone convenient for storage and transportation. FOXTECH GAIA 160-Hybrid is also equipped with a durable landing gear to ensure a stable landing.

FOXTECH GAIA 160-Hybrid hexacopter is equipped with high efficient power system, including T-MOTOR U8II KV85 motor, Supreme 2880T propeller and T-MOTOR Flame 60A ESC. This power system ensures very big loading capacity and a very stable flight performance. GAIA 160-Hybrid has 6.5kg lifting capacity on each arm, so GAIA 160-Hybrid can still fly even with one motor failure. The biggest bright spot is that Foxtech GAIA 160-Hybrid hexacopter has an onboard 2000w generator that offers plenty of power to the 6 very high efficiency motors to ensure a long flight time. With 2kg payload, the flight time is more than 5 hours, and with 5kg payload like a high-end camera, the flight time will be still more than 2 hours. An internal combustion engine consumes gasoline and spins a generator to ensure a 48V output. Besides this, a 12S lipo battery package is also installed onboard to offer emergency back-up power for quick climbing and quick maneuvering.

GAIA 160-Hybrid Hexacopter is also installed with redundancy flight controllers, three GPS and a full range of optional equipments like RTK GPS, 20km datalink, parachute, secondary radio control and more to make this drone very reliable and very safe.

FOXTECH GAIA 160-Hybrid power quadcopter is a high-quality flying platform. A longer flight time coupled with good stability opens a wide range of new commercial possibilities for businesses such as inspection of offshore platforms, search and rescue, power line inspection and survey etc.

Assembly and Fly Test Package Includes:

  • 1. Assemble all parts together includes but not limited to engine, frame, motor, esc, propeller, wiring, soldering.
  • 2. Flight controller tuning includes parameter setting, GPS mounting and flight controller mounting and overall wiring.
  • 3. Test fly: Foxtech technicians will take the GAIA 160 Hybrid and arrange a 1 hour flight to test the stability of engine, power system and fuel supply to ensure the whole system is safe and reliable to fly.

Free-to-fly add-on Package Includes:

  • 1. We offers six GAIA 160 hybrid arms,one GAIA 160 hybrid main body and one cover free of charge for emergency replacement.
  • 2. In case there is any product upgrade after customer’s purchase, Foxtech will offer the upgrade parts which includes but not limited to landing gear,software and generator spare parts, except of main body to customer without charge.
  • 3. In case there is any spare part needed , Foxtech will arrange and send spare parts(maybe not new but properly working ones) before receiving the bad parts sent back by the customer.
  • 4. If customer needs to install task load such as lidar, survey camera, etc. We will provide assistance on extented device installation.


  • Wheelbase: 1600mm
  • No payload weight: 14.5kg(no fuel)
  • Max take-off Weight: 19.5kg
  • Max speed: 15m/s
  • Flight time: 3 hours(4L fuel)
  • Max flight time: Over 6 hours
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Generator output: 1.8kw(continuous), 2kw(max)
  • Generator weight: 4kg
  • Fuel tank: 4L
  • Fuel consumption: 1.8L/h