Mobile manipulator RB-KAIROS

Mobile manipulator RB-KAIROS

Mobile manipulator RB-KAIROS

The collaborative mobile manipulator RB-KAIROS is specially designed for the development of industrial applications.


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Ambient temperature / humidity 0° to + 50°C
Weight 115 kg + UR arm
Speed 1,5 m/s
IP IP52 / IP64
Load capacity 100 kg / 250 k
Controller Open architecture ROS | PC with Linux integrated
Dimensions (folded) 978 x 776 x 1.010 mm (UR10 e arm)
Traction motors 4 x 500 W brushless servomotors wtih safety brake
Autonomy 6 / 12 h
Max. climbing angle 10 %
Baterías LiFePO4 15/30Ah@48V
Environment Indoors
Communication WiFi 02.11a / b / g / n / ac Bluetooth 5.1
Connectivity Internal: USB, RS232 y GPIO External: USB, RJ45, power supplies 5, 12 VDC and batteries

RB-KAIROS+ is a robotic platform designed for the plug&play integration of Universal Robots e-Series arms. Its software and hardware are fully prepared to mount the arm and thus turn the robotic arm into a mobile manipulator. This allows unlimited expansion of the cobot workspace that can operate on large parts or perform pick&place operations in large areas. In this sense, it enables a wide range of new applications and it is a great complement for current URe arm users.

RB-KAIROS+ is extremely useful for industrial applications such as pick and place, part feeding, metrology, quality control, operations on large parts or packaging, cleaning, polishing, screwing, drilling, etc. Without a doubt, it is an excellent way to improve the productivity of any factory.

In addition, RB-KAIROS+ has been designed to be a collaborative mobile manipulator able to work in industrial environments. Thanks to its safety laser scanners (optional), the robot can safely share the workspace with the operators.

RB-KAIROS+ has a robust steel design and can carry up to 250 Kg. The mobile platform has omnidirectional / skid-steering kinematics based on 4  high power wheel motors.

RB-KAIROS+ can navigate autonomously and can be configured with a wide range of sensors and components found within the UR+ ecosystem.

RB-KAIROS+ is a UR+ certified product.


  • Pick&Place
  • Metrology
  • Part feeding
  • Industrial applications
  • R&D

RB-KAIROS+ 10e  Size